San José, Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica ?


OnData Systems is located in Costa Rica, one of the most advanced countries in Latin America in terms of technology and outsourced services.



Costa Rica owns a very stable infrastructure: High Speed Internet access in more than 95% of the country.

  • Highly qualified work force: Costa Rica has one of the best educational systems in Latin America, that involves great Universities and Colleges.
  • Most engineers and professionals for the different areas are fully bilingual (English-Spanish)
  • Competitive and cheaper hourly rates compared to United States or Europe.
  • Political Stability:  In 2003 the World Bank applauded Costa Rica for having "the most stable and robust" democracy in Latin America. The national army was abolished in 1949, and the resources once consumed by the militia are now used in education and free access to health services.
  • Friendly Time Zone (Central Time Zone, UTC-06:00) makes Costa Rica a convenient location for business compared to countries like China or India.
  • Strategic Location: Convenient access from USA to Costa Rica. In just one flight you can get to Costa Rica in less than 4 hours

For all these reasons (and much more) multinational companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Acer, HP, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Poker Stars, Western Union have chosen Costa Rica as its center of operations.


 Here are some interesting videos about Costa Rica that you should not miss:




OnData Systems  provides a smart solution; currently Costa Rica is the number one country in software development in Latin America and one of the best globally.

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San José, Costa Rica


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