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Software applications are the main tool to maintain and strengthen any business around the world. They give support, reliability, accessibility and control over countless and almost every tasks in multiple areas nowadays.



 The term "nearshore" represents a way to reduce high software costs while carefully transitioning part or full of your development processes to a competent outsourced team in a close and convenient region (Costa Rica). To learn more about Nearshore click here


In our company we have experienced collaborators in the recruitment business, specially in the technology (IT) market. You can hire our services and we will help you find the ideal resource(s) to keep for yourself as valuable employee(s). 



If you are looking for just a software partner to help you develop your ideas or products, then we can give you a valuable hand. We have talented people working with latest technologies, tools and platforms on the market: Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, WCF, JAVA, PHP, iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Ruby, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle Developer, ASP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, among many other. We can assist you in all development cycles, documentation, project management and QA (Quality Assurance) plans.


 Do you want to build apps for the mobile market? We work with the latest mobile technologies to help you accomplish and develop a cross platform solution that will work on the web, iOS, Android and more recently Windows 8 and Windows 8 for mobile..



Are you trying to create usable, interactive and beautiful websites? Then you come to the right place. We have experienced graphic designers that can help you build topnotch websites and solve all your graphic needs (logos, graphical image, among other services).


Are you planning to sell your stuff over Internet? But you don't know how to start? In OnData Systems we can help you setup your e-commerce integral and complete solution (modern shopping cart websites like Amazon and eBay). You can hire our E-commerce consulting services as well and we will help you with any question of concerns you may have.



 Are you looking for someone that can help you organize and put your projects in order? Or are you trying to start a new project or application and want someone to help you with the process?. We can give you a hand with our talented project management consultants to efficiently managed your resources and projects. 


Did you finish all of your project, but you are missing important documentation? Or simply want someone to test your projects? OnData Systems have rigorous QA processes, analysis and documentation to successfully passed all QA needs and deliverables.





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OnData Systems  provides a smart solution; currently Costa Rica is the number one country in software development in Latin America and one of the best globally.

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